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heres were common questions get asked, please read this before e-mailing me, thanks.
      Q-May I use you images?
      A-yes, excpet my banner, button and thumbnails, all of which I painstakingly created.   Exceptions: you may use my banner/button if you intend to link to me, please tell me your URL though, so that I can link to you.  You may only use my Thumbails if you are an affiliate of mine.

       Q-Why don't you have a review of "__________" anime?
       A-Because my freind, I probably have not seen it, and if I have I either did not want to review it, or do not have time to do so at present.  As I state on nearly every page on this site, if you want to see an anime reviewed, that I have no review for, you may send it to me, no pictures please, just tell me who I should give credit to, and your URL if you have one.  

       A2-I often write my reviews in the time I'm online, and I try to do really indepth reviews,  which as you may know if you've tried, is very hard.  I try to do at least 1 summery a week, this usually means the sumamry is not the whole series, but a part of it, which means I am probably missing stuff, I try my best to get as much info as possible before writing, but sometimes I'm in the moond to write and have to take advantage of it.

3: Q-can I IM you to talk?

     A- no, you may not, I do not have time to talk to random people.  If you want to IM me,
          please e-mail Ro'Eh Ro'Dan and ask my permission.

       Q-I have this cool design for a _________, can you tell me who I should send it to?
       A-Companies do not accept unsolicited suggestions, as for me I can accept all and any designs for characters/mechs and random thingymawhatsits for fan-fics, if I do not have a use for it in my current fan fic you will be notified as such.  But NO, I cannot give you the e-mails of any creators of anime/the companies they work for, they will not accept your suggestions, you would have to know the person you want to give the suggestion to personally, I dont even have any e-mails for anime creators, sorry, it's out of my hands.

       Q-How come you dont have pictures for _________ series?

       A-Pictures are often hard to come by, and many times when I find a good selection fo pictures for a certin anime, the site owner will not allow me to use them, so if you wish to see a gallery for your favorite anime, send me a URL where I can find at least 30 good qualtiy images for that show.  I try my best to keep my galleries up and running, so please dont link to them, I dont link to other peoples images, its just wrong. If you have a place where I can find 30 or more picts e-mail Ro'Eh Ro'Dan.

       Q-Will you post my fan-art/fan-fiction on your site?

       A-Yes, a like to somehwere on the net where it can be found it prefered, if you must send it to me do so in a non compressed format, .gif, .jpg, .bmp work, no .zips or .exe's.  Remember I review all work sent to me, so dont try to be slick.

       Q-what does it mean when your review page is blank except for "Review pending"?

       A-I have many freinds who know much more about certian animes, than I do, this is usually because they own the boxset or have seen the anime much before I have, thusly I respect their knoweledge of the anime and ask them to write a review for me.
       A2-My other reason would be because I am tired, lazy or just not in the mood to review the series, in this case I ask another who has enough knowhow on the show in question to write a review, or, you do it.

      Q-Can I use (this sig) on my forum?
       A- yes, but all I ask is that you put a link underneath it back to my website, it helps, thanks, if I find people not doing this, I will close my sigs/avatars secitons, oh, and as always, enver link to my images.
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