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Avatars: You may use any of these avatars, I dont care if you have to resize them, if you use any of my avatars, please put a link back to my website in your sig.  Oh, and never link to any of these images.

Askua avatar #1 Askua avatar #2 Alucard Avatar #2 Alucard Avatar 2
Apocalypse avatar Askau Avatar 3 MISC. Avatar AMG - Belldandy Avatar
Epyon Avatar Eva 01 Galvatron Avatar Gendo Avatar
Inu Yasha Avatar Kagato Avatar Legato Avatar Priss Avatar
MISC. Avatar #2 MISC. Avatar #2 Ryoko Avatar #2 Ryoko Avatar #3
Ryoko Avatar #3 Ryoko Avatar #4 Unicron Avatar #1

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