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Here's where you can find all those neat little buttons to link to me with, I currently try to make alot of buttons cause I know pwoplw like different series, I dont make Hentai buttons, and if you would like me to make a button for you to use on your site, just gimme a picture and I will make it asap.  I usually add new buttons about once or more a week, I've been on a spree latly, and since my buttons are pretty simple, it dosent take that long.
Anime Apocalypse
88x15: random
my only 88x15 button
88x31: site specific
a site themed button
another site themed button
88x31: Evangelion
Askua button
Eva 05 button
and another site themed button
88x31: Gundam
gundam eye button
88x31:   Tenchi
KAIN button
Washuu button
Ryoko button
Kagato laughing button
88x31:   Trigun
creepy eye button from a Trigun image
Vash lookin' cool
Vash being his usual idiot self
Legato's eye
88x31:  Transformers
88x31:          R. Kenshin
88x31: Ah! My Goddess

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