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1: You are welcome to use all images on this site except: Banner, Thumbnails, Fanart, my button.
2: There are exceptions to the above rule: you may use my banner/button if linking to my site, you may use the fanart if you have the creator's premission, you may use my thumbnilas if your one of my affiliates.
3: Do not ask me for Hentai to be put it on my site, Hentai is what gives anime a bad rap in America so I dont touch it, and no, anime babes are no Hentai, they are the anime equivelent of Baywatch.
4: I am not anti-same sex relations, just non-same sex relations, so domt ask/send me that either.
5: I return e-mail asap, but sometimes dont go online for a few days, so dont expect a reply instantly.
6: Feel free to donate summaries/reviews for animes, I fully appreciate them, as you can see, I have a big list of what I've seen, but it's obviously not everything, and it's really nice to get a different opinion on stuff, if you see I have a review for an anime, but disagree with what I said, feel free to send in your perspecitve, you will receive full credit for writing the review/sumamry and it will be posted along with mine stating "and here's ________'s opinion of this anime"
7: You may not take any text from this site wihtout explicit permision from it's creator(usually me).  You may not take and edit any text on this site without permission and the creator's knoweledge.  
8:Avatars and Sigs, you may use any of my avatars and sigs, on two conditions, 1, these are made by me, dont take credit for them, second, please put a small link under the sig back to my website, it helps me keep afloat.


1: I preread any stories sent to me, and I do not accept anything that would be rated NC-17 or X, in net speek, I wont take Limes or Lemons either.
2: Please give me a rating, G, PG, PG-13, 16+, R, thats as far as I will go, anything worse than that I wont accept, I'm pretty lenient on this, so if you dont rate it I will.
3: If you wish to send me fan-art, please give me a URL to where I can find it, if you dont already have it online, then we can figure out what to do.
4: No Hentai, prono, yoai/ same-sex images or stories will be allowed, I'm sorry, I keep my site pretty clean, if I dont, I could get kicked from Tripod.
5: your fic must have a title, otherwise I get to name it, and something like "LOOK!  oblivious man's newest fic!" usually comes to mind.  Nah, I'll just ask you what the name of it is.
6: if you can bend to, I mean follow my rules, feel free to send me your works!
7: all fan-works are copyright their repsective creators, do not take, edit or post any of these works without direct permisson from it's creator(s).


1: This site is ©1999-200X Anime - This website is for informational, promotional and entertainment purposes only.  Layout and HTML are owned by me, and may not be reseud, copied, edited or recycled in any way without my permission and my permission alone.   I do not or ever have claimed to own any of the shows on this site, Trigun, Ah My Goddess!, Cowboy Bebop, Gundam Wing, Endless Waltz, Gundam X, Zeta Gundam, Double ZetaGundam, DragonballZ, Dragonball, DragonballGT, Slayers, Neone Genesis Evangelion, Tenchi OVA, Tenchi Muyo, Tenchi In Tokyo, Sol Bianca, Tokoy Bablon, DNA Sights 999.99, Bubblegum Criris, Bubblegum Crisis Tokoy 2040, Blue Seed, Queen Emeraldis, New Dominion Tank Police, Black Magic M-66, The Big O, Candidate for Goddess, Love Hina, Cyber City Oedo 808,Blue Sub 6, Sin The Movie, Vampire Hunter D, Outlaw Star, Orphen: Sorcerer Stabber, Ninja Scroll, Record of Lodoss War, Ronin Warriors, Blood Reign-Curse of the Yoma, Serial Experiments Lain, Twilight of the Dark Master, Sailor Moon, Princess Mononoke, Kiki's Dilivery Service, Patlabor, Macross, Macross Plus, Ghost in a Shell, GunSmith Cats, Ranma 1/2, The Vision of Escaflowne, Digimon, Akira, Jin-Roh, Zoids, Yu Yu Haykusho, Card Captor Sakura are owned by their respecitve creators, and I do not use their logos or their respective trademarks in any  official capacity.

2: This site respects Intelectual Rights, therefore anything posted on this site, may not be used or copied without the  person who posted it's permission.  Anything posted on this site does not requie the poster to have any copyrights to it, as soon as they post it it is theirs and theres alone and may not be taken without their knoweledge and permission.

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