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ok, here's where you can find the people who help me work on the site(which at the moment is only me).  If you want to be staff, apply here

Name: Sesshoumaru
Job: Webmaster, debugger, reviewer, picture finder ect...
Website: this one, duhh.
Hobbies: working my ass off on this site, anime, model building, cheese.
Interesting thing to note about me: I will never close this site, unless I have to pay for hosting.  I am that friggens stubborn.
Quote: "On the contrary, I intend to live forever."
Favorite Animes: Inu yasha, most anything gundam, BGC Tokyo 2040, Hellsing, and Transformers(the original that is).

Name: SerenityX/Irvine (Irvine, that's what everyone calls me, only because I'm obsessed with him! ^_^)
Job: collects images, writes reviews
Website: Anime Forever
Hobbies: Watch anime, post anime pictures on my wall, watching Zoids Chaoitic
Century ( Zoids Hunters and The Black Lightning), drawing, listening to music, playing video games, and such.
Quote: " I will find the planet Zi one day, and find Irvine, and live a long happy
life knowing it..." "Look up at that moon, like a blood red eyeball glistening in the sky, staring down upon us, and recall that man's name, his legend. The time has come, and the only tale which should be told is that of the footsteps which continue into the future...." ~Vash the Stampede
Favorite Animes: Zoids Chaotic Century, Trigun, Cyborg 009, Rurouni Kenshin,
InuYasha, Yu Yu Hakusho,

Username: Minka.L
Job: reviews
Website: N/A
Hobbies:Ice Skating
Interesting thing about me: Nothing really
Quote:"each person travles on their own path made just for them so you must
always be true to your self for if you arnt and you lose site of who you are
you will not make it on your path for you will not know what to do... you
will stumble and you will fall... no one can walk your path so you will be
alone you must stand on your own... know yourself and be yourself.."
Favorite Animes: Wolves

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