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Lilith Angel 2 Angel of Life
This is the Angel of great confusion due to tha fact that no one knows who or what it is... many speculates that it is Lilith or the thing that you can se flying during the second Impact... One thing that I konw for sure is that lilith isn't the second Angel, because she is the mother of all living things... the humans as well as the the first Angel Adam. All Angels where born from Adam, so how could Lilith then be the second Angel if she gave birth to Adam from wich the other 17 angels came from...
I think that the second angel actually is unit 00, if you look at the Directors cut version (you can find it on download/videos) you will understand what I mean. When Unit 00 comes into contact with the 16th angel a big thing grows out of its back(unit 00) and then Rei meets the angel inside unit 00 and after that the angel takes the form of Rei and tries to become of one mind and soul with Shinji... as I said you'll understand when you see it.
Another thing that proves my theory is that all Angels came from Adam, so did unit 00, the first Eva.