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Operative A
GP Operative

John Demita
GP Standard Blaster
Hand Cannon
Pulse Rifile
Trakal is a galaxy police officer and has all the responsibilities and privileges that a law enforcement official would have.
"Kain thrives where there is no Jurai energy"

The only officer to survive Kain's attack on the Galaxy Police Headquarters. How? I don't know. But he did. After escaping certain doom he was jealous of the fact that Kain did not kill him too so he pursued him into the past to get killed. No, just kidding. After surviving the attack he followed Kain back to the past to see that justice was served. How did he go back in time? I don't know. When there he encountered Tenchi and the others and almost tried to arrest Ryoko but he didn't. Either because she wasn't the one he was after or the fact that she was gonna hand out an ass woopin.
He's a master of disguise and managed to pose a student so that he could watch Achika closer. He's also an expert with a number of weapons including his hand cannon which operates like a hand but can discharge energy blasts like a gun. When planning to fight Kain he brought one of the most lethal weapons in the Galaxy Police armory which he raided before leaving for the past.
Trakal comes from a race of humanoids commonly referred to as "Beastmen". They appear in a number of Tenchi Muyo episodes, but seem to be commonly drawn to becoming Galaxy Police officers. They have very powerful builds and are stronger than most other humanoids. But they are not any less intelligent.
In the movie his name was never actually mentioned. In scripts he was referred to as "Operative A". He has gained a small circle of friends. In fanfics he was given a name, "Trakal" but that's not actually anything given by Pioneer. He does appear in a number of fanfics even though he was killed in Tenchi Muyo in Love. But when it comes to messing with timelines, anything is possible.