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Japanese Name
Masamichi Fujisawa
Fujisawa Sensei

High School Teacher
Koji Ishii
"Maybe they've fallen into the Magnificent World..."

           Ah yes, Fujisawa-sensei. My favorite character from El-hazard has found his way into this site. How did he do it? Well, he found what you might call a "Anime Loophole". You see, Pioneer is well known for its characters appearing in other series. The term "Cameo" is commonly used to describe this.
         Mr. Fujisawa appears as Tenchi's teacher in Tenchi in Tokyo. Briefly in the first episode and again in "Guardians of Old" in which he even has one line. I wondered for a while but I don't think that the school that Tenchi is going to in Tokyo is Shinonome High School. It looks very different.
Sadly enough the man who does the voice for Mr. Fujisawa is not the one that did it in El-Hazard, in the dubbed version anyway. Ironically, the person who did the voice for Makoto (the student) in El-Hazard did the voice for Mr. Fujisawa (The Teacher). While at the same time the guy who did the voice for Mr. Fujisawa (The Teacher) does the voice for Amagasaki (the Student) in Tenchi in Tokyo.
         Mr. Fujisawa is a high school teacher at Shinonome High School in Tokyo, Japan. He is a very devoted teacher whose interests include mountain climbing, and watching martial arts movies. He does have a few bad habits. He is an alcoholic and a smoker. Whenever the opportunity arises he drinks his favorite alcohol "Sake" a Japanese alcoholic drink made from fermented rice. Its very intoxicating (trust me). He also is a smoker. When he arrived in El-Hazard, he had to ration his cigarettes because there are not 7-11s in Rostaria. Mr. Fujisawa is also what you'd call a casual dresser. Usually sporting a fine Addidas windbreaker.
          In Tenchi in Tokyo Mr. Fujisawa does not appear to have any powers but in El-Hazard that's a much different story. When he can resist the urge to drink (Voluntarily or involuntarily) he gains super strength and can perform martial arts moves very similar to those of the characters in B-rated martial arts films. And if he runs out of sake get out of the way. He glows with an aura of power and is one of the most powerful forces in El-Hazard. But the hard part is keeping him from drinking and smoking when you need him. He is often thrown in the dungeon before an upcoming battle.