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Kikuko Inoue


Debi Derryberry


Dimension Shift
Drain Jurai Energy
"I'll never let Tenchi go!"

          Haruna was the first woman Yosho fell in love with. But because of his position as heir to the throne he could not be with her. Because of this, Yosho fled Jurai with Haruna at his side. But the voyage to Earth proved to be too much for her. She grew ill during her journey and perished upon arriving at Earth. Haruna never got to see the world to where she and her love had fled to. When she passed away her spirit passed into the flower which Yosho had brought to her. The blossoms shared the same name as her.
        When Yosho landed on Earth he planted the plant which he brought to Haruna. Shortly after he realized that the flowers bloomed very vigorously. Yousho determined that that Haruna's spirit had passed into the flower. As he went from town to town touring as a priest, he planted a branch from the tree that had rose up. Until he meant his first wife Itsuki. Yosho fell in love again and settled down with her and took over the Masaki shrine. But Haruna's spirit became jealous.
Many years later, Haruna saw the chance to recapture what she had lost with Yosho with Tenchi. She pulled him into a parallel universe which she created. Within this universe she and Tenchi are a very close couple living very happily. But sometimes the dimensions cross over into each other. And Tenchi still retains strong memories of his real life. Since she was draining Tenchi's own Jurai energy to maintain the dimension. Because of this great drain on his energy, he experiences extremely bad headaches.
           Tenchi's memories eventually make him remember Ryoko and the dimension itself begins to collapse. Day flows into day and deja-vu like effects begin to happen. Back in the real world, Yosho destroys Haruna's original tree and the world begins to fade. Yosho's spirit appears to Haruna and she agrees to release Tenchi and go on to the after life. She leaves her world behind and Ryoko teleports Tenchi out before the world collapses.
        In the end Haruna was not a true villain, her sole could not rest until she had felt the happiness that she lost when she passed away. You might notice that her appearance resembles Aires from Final Fantasy VII, especially with the pink bow in her hair. From what I heard Pioneer was strapped for time and they threw together her appearance at the last minute.