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Misaki Jurai
GP Classification:
2nd Queen of Jurai
Yoshiko Sakakibara
Grace Zandarski
Misaki is the 2nd Queen of Jurai and has the powers that come with that position. She also has access the Jurian Military.
"How Cute :)"

         The mentally unstable Misaki is the second queen of Jurai. She is also the mother of Ayeka and Sasami. She loves anything that is cute and does not approve of people being disrespectful to herself or her family. If anybody is disrespectful, and she figures out that they are there will be hell to pay. She doesn't blast them with any sort of laser or something like that. She'll simply grab you and lift you off the floor. Usually by something that is uncomfortable such as your face or your hair. What she's doing to Ryoko above is what she does to people she does like. Imagine if you really pissed her off.
        After Azusa's marriage to the earthling Funaho, there was a lot of turmoil on Jurai. The nobles did not approve of inter-racial marriages. Especially of their king. The king took a second wife both to try to quell the anger of the nobles and because it was arranged before he became king. Much like Yosho's arranged marriage to Ayeka.
          Misaki has two circular markings on her forehead. This is considered in Jurian society very desirable. Misaki uses make-up to achieve this effect. It is believed that people with such markings are blessed by Tsunami. Even though some women use make-up to create these markings, those with true markings are rare. Sasami and Tenchi have true blessings. I believe that the one marking indicates that she is the first queen.