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Subject: 009, Cyborg 009
Date: May 29th
Interesting, I must have missed this news, well here it is: I stopped by and found out that CN will be airing Cybord 009 on Toonami/Adult Swim, not sure which, so there's something for you all to anticipate.

Date: May 28th
OK, I may be going a little excessive on the Unicron quotes, but hey, it's taken Bandai 17 years to make a figure of this guy, I ain't passin' it up.  So here's the scoop.  The Armada Unicron figure will be released between August 9th and September 10th this year, possibly earlier, but and are usually more realistic (not to mention cheaper) than import stores.  Walmart anf are both offering Unicon for 49.99 USD (well it's 48.98 USD at wal-mart) and it's preorder only right now, but sicne this is NOT limited edition, you'll be easily able to find it after the preorder.  now for soem site news, I updated and added even more Buttons, 3 more at 88x15 and 4 Transformers buttons.

Subject: wooo!!!!!!  show us your ---------
Date: May 22nd
Well gallery one of the Anime Babes is finally done, so enjoy 90 tantalizing images!  I also noticed that the Fonts wen't linked, so you can now download those.  

Subject: For a time, I considered spareing the wretched little planet Cyberton, but now, you shall witness, it's dismemberment!
Date: May 19th
Well, I been doing alot of looking around, and I know that anyone who loves Transformers prolly already knows this but, after 17 years, and Japan nearly taking over the Transformers name, Hasbro is finally marketing a Unicron action figure.  it goes by the name "Armada Unicron"  It is over 16 inces tall in robot mode, and nearly a foot across(to the ring) in plant mode, it comes with and exclusive minicon, and has pegs for 24 minicons on it's ring.  

Subject: King Crab legs, the food of massachists
Date: May 11th
Damn!  that stuff hurts like hell!  You ever tried to hold those legs and break them open?  It's like trying to hold a handful of needles as tight as you can!  Anyway, I got the anime Babes gallery one finised, so now all your sick little fantasies can come true at my website.

Subject: Sick Again
Date: May 7th

This is really starting to get annoying, I dont like being sick and I've been sick for abouta  week now, of course you all like it cause I update almost daily.  I've been downloading Transformers music, so for any of you who know what I share on WinMX, I'm about to add 31 TF the Movie score tracks as soon as I'm done downloading it.  I also finally linked the fonts section.  So now you can enjoy those fonts I have, and if you have any good fonts your welcome to send them on in.

Subject: 'Till All Are One?
Date: May 5th

I added the "send in you thoughts" section, which is in the All Anime Informational, where you can send me some general anime related information, observations, facts, whatever, I'll review it all first, so you'll get a response as to wether or not it will be accepted.  Blind opinion will no be accepted.  Spam, junk and general crap will, as always, be deleted ASAP, so dont waste both our time by trying.

Subject: a different sort of buttons, oh my!
Date: April 28th

Well, the Anime Babes Gallery 1 is almost done, well 2/3rds done, I'm sticking with my 90 images per section, so that should mean I'll have about 10 sections or more.  So as sson as gallery 1 is done, you can enjoy that as well!  Also, my affiliate Something Anime, has moved his forum so if you bookmarked it, update you bookmarks to, yes, just add an "s" to the end.

Subject: buttons and buttons and buttons oh my!
Date: April 24th

Well, I went on a button making spree, I now have like, uh...alot, thats for sure, I dont have many 88x15 butons, but I'm getting there.  I just kinds went through a bunch of animes I have galleries for, and made buttons out of them, not all of them keep with a very apocalyptic setting, but hey, not everybody wants a dark button, especially if you have a lighter toned site!

Subject: stupid settings.
Date: April 20th

Well, it seems that this site has/had problems with 1024x768 screen resolution, and I am now in the process of fixing that.  For some reason my site builder program dosent give the window's that necessary precentage required to get them to take up the full pace no matter what setting they're at.  I am currently working on fixing this problem, I think I have figured out how to fix it, but I'm still working on it....

Subject: Good Day to you all!
Date: April 19th

    Well, theres come good news and some bad news, first off, the bad news.  The Anime Apocalyse v3.0 is deralict.  It has some weird runtime error and I could upload my updated files.  The Good News is, before that happened, I was creating this, The Anime Apocalypse v4.0  with slighly rearranged parts, and as with my old site, new stuff always on the way.  Also in Good News, my Endless Walts galleries and fnally done.  OH yes, also in Good News(damn it's been a good day today) my freind finished his review of Evangelion, which will now be posted in the Evangelion summery/review section.