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Sesshoumaru: April 16th
Well, I've been away for about a week, I finally got the Fanime section back up, it can be found here.  If you have any artwork that you would like to see on my site, either give me a URL or send me the file, must be in .jpg, .gif or.jpeg format, no .zips, .exe's or other compressed files please.  Now I can move on to another image gallery, I belive I was working on Endless Waltz last time...  Also, Cartoon Network will not be airing any new episodes of Inu Yasha when this run finishes, it will get up to where it left off, then restart at the beginning.

Sesshoumaru: April 9th
The Fanime section is taking up about 80% of my tripod space, so I'm moing ti to a sepreate tripod account so I can update this site easier and be able to add fanart easier, as always I'll accept any fan work except for: hentai, yoai or whatever the female equilivent to yoai is.

In other news, I have a new affiliate, Manga Anime Online, really nice site, go take a look and give him some hits!

Sesshoumaru: April 3rd

Got some more info from: The Only Koan, and put in in with my anime informaiton under "What is Anime." I'm also having some trouble with my site so if you cant get here for some reason it's cause of that, and you'd prolly only know that if I was able to update and you could see this.  Having more touble, hoping you'll be able to see this and understand.