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Sesshoumaru: March 28th

Crap.  well, is no longer offering free stats counting, or even stats counting to people outside of a Dutch maling addess.  So I'm ognna have to remove all my counters, and find something new.  oh well.  If you got any suggestions for who to use, for free of course, I'd welsome them.
Sesshoumaru: March 12th
Well, after much ado about something, I finally got my Zeta Gundam Galleries up, blasted Tripod for not making it easier on me to upload images, the gallery, which was previously just thumbails is now thumbnails that link to full images!  Next is Endless Waltz, mostly because it's the smallest.  Then Hellsing, and hopefully NGE, but I have not gone that far yet.

           In other news, Kenshin is starting this comming Monday, Yu Yu Hakusho will be moving to the 6:00pm slot on Toonami, there will be new episodes of DBZ and it appears that there will be new episodes of Yu Yu Hakusho, but I am unsure, so I will report on this later.  There will also be a new tom and a new absolution, neither of which I realy like, the Absolution loks like something from Star Trek.  As I check further into Toonami's Schedule, it appears that X-Men (the original I hope) will start April 5th, and Trigun will begin March 31st.  Both will air on Adult Swim, not Toonami.  It also seems the all mighty Lupin the IIIrd will fall by the end of the month.  I just want them to get a set scedule and show more Inu Yasha and TF:Armada(want see Unicron).

         OH!, I also have a large space atop my nav bar which as of yet I have nothing in it, if you have any suggeestions for what would look good up there, any and all suggestions are welcome, you can e-mail me here, or click on my name atop each update!
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