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Sesshoumaru: Febuary 26th
Well, it appears we had some downtime there people, sorry for any inconviences, there was an error in publishing and the index page ened up with no HTML on it, but thats fixed now, so enjoy.  I have nearly got my Zeta  Gundam Galleries up, after that I will attempt to get Cowboy Bebop up, along with Evangelion after that, and while I am doing this I am working on the Anime Babes section, which unfortunately is still down, but I have some 922+ images for it, so be patient.  I am also adding more fonts, and hope to get my winamp skins up soon.
Febuary 21st
This morning, Cartoon Network held a press conference in New York City's The Rihga Royal Hotel to announce their new series and acquisitions. Many of their announcements confirmed previous speculation, while others brought great surprise. Among the surprises were acquisitions of the anime hit, Blue Gender, X-Men: Evolution and Jackie Chan Adventures

Major announcements included:

· 15 new episodes of Dragonball Z, starting on March 17, 2003.

· 95 episodes of Rorouni Kenshin the series will premiere on Toonami, in March 2003.

· 26 episodes of animé series Trigun will debut starting in March.

· 52 new episodes of Dragon Ball, to air on Toonami this year.

· 26 episdoes of SD Gundam.

· 26 episodea of .hack//SIGN.

· 12 episodes of Kikaider.

· 26 episodes of Blue Gender.

· 52 additional episodes of Hamtaro.

· 13 new episodes of Big O.

· 50 episodes of Yu-Gi-Oh!.

· 100 episodes of Pokémon.

This is not the FULL list of new series and acquisitions. More will be announced later.

Source: Animation Insider

Febuary 20th
I have added my fan-art and fan-fic to the fanime section, if you have any fan-fic or fan-art please tell me where I can find it on the net and if you dont have it posted somewhere I'll tell you how to send it to me.

Febuary 18
I am herby announceing my intention to dismmatle my Evangelion site, it is possible it may get merged with this site, but more likly this wont happen and I'll just use the freed up space to make an Evangelion  gallery.

Febuary 16
Hmm...why am I feeling like doing something nice today?  and for my visitors at that!  Anywho, I'm tempted to put some MP3's on my site, now I'll give you a choice, you can either have them really low quality or just part of the song, your choice, and if you've got recomendations for what I should put up, heres a list of my current collections.

Gundam Wing Operation 1-4 and S
Neon Genesis Evangelion OSt 1-3, Death + Rebirth, and End of Evangelion
Noir OST 1
08th MS Team Recorded in PHALA
Hellsing OST 1
some J-pop CD
Transformers(original) The Movie
Escaflowne Over The Sky, Lovers Only, Girl in Gaea
Cowboy Bebop OST 1,2,and 3, bunch of misc tracks from various other CB CDs
8 Inu Yasha tracks, buch of random anime songs.

Febuary 14
As it seems  .hack//sign as of march first is bumped down to midnight, dang CN just can't keep it an 3:00 pm can they?  those nidgits...In sanity, it's all that keeps me gogin nowadays, ok damit, I'm tired, if you want to see more reviews/better reviews, please send your review of a show in, I'll be all too happy to post it up.

Febuary 13th
Well, it seems that this "Giant Robot Week" is for real, dun worry, you didnt miss it.
Giant robot week starts Febuary 24 at 4:00pm and runs for an hour it will air the renound Evangelion and Dai-Gaurd, which I have yet to see, and because of it's timing I will miss it. bloody satelite...  Giant Robot Week will run the week of Febuary 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, and 28th, which isnt enough time to show anything really, but hye who am I to complain, strangely enough there are no other showings, so thats what kidna confuses me.I'll get more info shortly.
And as I may or may not have mentioned, Inu-Yasha is being dropped on Febuary 10th and being replaced by Reign: The Conquerer, which is the animeized story of Alexander the Great(use your own history why dont ya!!)

Febuary 12th
It seems Cartoon netork as gotten serious about airing .hack so here are the airdates:  Saturdays only, 3:00pm in febuary then moving to 12:30 pm in March.

Febuary 10th
Well it seems I've been busy again, I wrote 4 more reviews and contracted a fifth, so when my freinds get those done, I will have 5 more to post! yea!! ok thats all folks!

Febuary 8th
Well, it seems Cartoon Network as officially launched both the reworked Super Saturdays and it's weeknight Adult Swim, I know this is kinda late, but I had to be absolutly sure it was for real, heres some info you may want to know.

Starting Monday January 13th, Adult swim will run Sunday through Thursday, and here is the schedule.

11:00pm-Futurama(how, exactly they got this from Fox and not Escaflowne I'll never know)
11:30pm-Home Movies
12:00am-Lupin (the) III(new eps, duhh)
12:30am-Inu Yasha(new eps)
1:00am-Yu Yu Hakusho
1:30am-Cowboy Bebop

also, starting Febuary 1st, on Cartoon Netowrk's Super Saturdays, it says they will begin airing .hack//sign
here's schedule:
12:00-Justice Leauge
12:30-Justice Leauge
1:00-He Man
3:00-.HACK//SIGN(funny, it only shows it on that one saturday, then never again, really weird, maybe it's a huge promo?)
3:30-G Gundam

apparently as of Febuary 10th, CN is dropping Inu Yasha completly, since i have yet to see it on any other times I assume completly. It's too bad, there are over 90 eps for Inu Yasha and 2 movies. here is the new schedule for that date:

11:30pm-Home Movies
12:30am-Lupin (the) III(new)
1:00am-Yu Yu Hakusho
1:30am-Cowboy Bebop

my pict.