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Tabris(Kaworu Nagisa) 17th angel Angel of Free Will
  Kaworu is the first person to show Shinji true kindness and is the first person Shinji really opens up to(the reason people think Shinji's gay).  Tabris takes control of EVA-02 useing his power of Free-Will and has 02 battle 01 while he trys to explain what humanity is, what he is and what he's doing.  Shinji refuses to understand even though Tabris makes it quite clear to everyone else.   Tabris finally understands what is really under NERV and decides aginst merge with the EVA and Lilith because he would have to live forever all by himself and he dosen't want that.  So he lets his defenses down and Shinji catches him and after Tabris tells Shinji to he wants to die he either makes  01 kill him or Shinji kills him by poping off Tabris' head.  Thus Shinji's mind collapsed he sinks into a deep dpression realizes no one treated him sincerly and creates the 3rd Impact(the black room episode is actually the 3rd impact)