Here you will find some very basic info on Ah! My Goddess, if you want indepth information, please go to The Goddess Office, the owner of it as kind enough to let me use the information you'll fin below.

Keiichi Morisato:  
Our male lead in AMG, is a normal guy who just happened to dial the wrong number and call upon the goddess Belldandy. The reason that he got a wish however, was not only because he just dialed the wrong number, but because he deserved it from years of being a nice guy, which is basically what Keiichi is. A student of Nekomi Tech University, Keiichi is the director of the Motor Club and has very good bike skills. Although he is very likeable and really nice, Keiichi is regarded as a wimp sometimes by his crazy buddies Tamyia and Otakie. He has also had troubles with women because he thinks that he is too short.

Goddess: First Class (Unlimited)
Medium: Mirrors
Domain: Present
Yggdrasil Position: N/A

Power Recharge: Sleeping or Moon Bracelets
Powers: Miniturization and Incantations, Wishes
Angel: Blessed (Holy) Bell
Angel Element: Wind
Angel Powers: Healing Song, Holy Wind Press

Belldandy is a really interesting character because she is nothing short of a saint. Kind and loving to any man or creature, she would do everything in her power to help anyone in need. Belldandy loves Keiichi very much and that is generally her reason to be on earth.

childish, little power, machine fetish, protective of Belldandy and against their relationship with Keiichi but is understanding, youngest and naive, future medium